Kohli-Kumble did not spoke to each other for 6 months, 3 meetings held in London after Defeat in London


Just before the West Indies tour, everyone is surprised to announce the decision to leave the post of Team India coach Anil Kumble and now the news is that differences between Kumble and Captain Virat Kohli were so deep that between the two, The conversation was closed for six months. The BCCI tried to end the dispute between the two but they were neutral and Kumble had to go.

Recently the news came that the BCCI Chief Advisory Committee (CAC), which includes veterans like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman, had given green signal to continue playing the role of Kumble as coach, but according to BCCI sources The green flag was also conditional, in which the Kumble was asked to end all the differences with Virat.

A senior BCCI official who has witnessed this whole incident in London has disclosed these things. According to him, there were three separate meetings in the Indian team hotel after the Champions Trophy final. In the first meeting, Kumble, BCCI top officers and CAC members were included. In the second meeting Virat was included in the place of Kumble and in the third, Kumble and Virat were seated together. But this third meeting was going on because there was no talk in both of them.

The BCCI official said that the talks between the two were closed from December when the Test series against England was over. There were problems but the surprise was that the conversation between the two did not happen. When meetings were held on Sunday night after the final, both of them believed that they could not move forward.

The BCCI official said that when we talked alone with Kumble and asked him if there is any problem, he clearly said that he has no problem with Virat. Kumble was also told about the issues which Virat had objected to him, on this, Kumble said that these issues are unimportant.

According to the officer, when one of the two characters of the story has objection to certain issues, these issues are insignificant for the other, then they can solve both of these disputes only, but when the two sit together they realize that they Have reached such a situation where they can not go back. Kumble’s ticket for Barbados was booked. His wife had to go with him but he knew that the matter was over.

The BCCI official said that Virat felt that Kumble was encroaching in his jurisdiction. On the other hand, Kumble, who had been India’s legendary cricketer, had his own views and ideas, but the final decision was made by the captain.

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